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One LED Off-Road Light
left_img Tired of running down your battery because your off road lights are drawing 2 or 3 times what your charging system is putting back into the battery? LED Off-Road Lights only draw about 1/4th the power most other off-road lights do; they will save your battery and the abuse on your charging system.

These LED off road lights will brighten up any trail to help you with your nighttime driving. If you want to make driving at night safer and more enjoyable then these LED Off-Road Lights are for you.

The LED Off-Road Light is 5.4” tall w/mounting hardware x 4.6” round x 3” inches deep with 14 High Intensity Bright LED’s. They have a Flood Beam (60 degree) Pattern and work on 9/32V DC input voltage. They put out 2580 Lumens and only draw 2.8 amps each. They have a 3/8 x 7/8” inch bolt & stainless steel mounting hardware. They have a black aluminum housing, clear polycarbonate lens and are rated for 30,000 hours.

Mounting of the LED off road light: The LED light mounts in a 3/8” inch hole. Most of the newer UTV’s / ATVs come with mounting tabs or locations for mounting AUX lights. Light bars work great and can give you more room, for more lights. You can drill a 3/8” inch hole in some cases where you want to mount the lights. You can use a vinyl/rubber coated, plastic, aluminum billet or steel clamp that will allow you to mount the lights to the roll cage or bumper.
Price: $49.95 Stock #: 346
a) Rubberized Clamp: