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UTV Wire & Connectors Kit
left_img This complete EZ multi-colored Wire & Connectors Kit can be used with all of our UTV Turn Signal Kits. Some like to use their own wire and connectors, but if you don’t have wire and connectors, this kit will make it easy to connect up your turn signals.

It is much easier to run one 18 gauge 4 wire (18/4) cable from the front to the rear of your recreational vehicle. You can connect the front and rear lights using some butt connectors and have the grounds run up front to the negative side of the battery. With this kit you can run the same color wire, from the turn signal switch, to your front lights and flasher.

The kit includes: 20’ feet of 18/4 wire cable, 20’ feet of 18 gauge White wire, 15’ feet of 18 gauge Red wire, 10’ feet of 18 gauge Yellow wire, 10’ feet of 18 gauge Green wire, 10’ feet of 18 gauge Blue wire, 10’ feet of 18 gauge Black wire, 24 butt connectors, 3 female quick disconnect terminals, 2 ring tong terminals and 9 black wire ties.

Price: $29.95 Stock #: 160